Hey Everybody,

I hope this finds you well and healthy. Just in case you weren’t aware, Tuesday 15th, between 10a-2p, Jillian Michaels from TV will be at the Y to teach a class promoting her new “Shred” program. Please be aware that there will likely be a huge crowd for this so plan your gym time and parking accordingly.

Ok, this week, sugar truth #3

Here’s truth no. 3;

TOO MUCH SUGAR FILLS YOUR BLOOD WITH FAT – Ok, first off, that puts a disgusting picture in my head … YUK!

Studies have determined that eating too much fructose, a sugar found naturally in fruit and also added to almost all processed foods, raises blood lipid (fat) levels. While the modest quantities in fruit shouldn’t worry you – not to mention the value of fiber, vitamins and minerals – a University of Minnesota study shows that the large amounts of fructose we take in from processed foods may be especially harmful: participants on high-fructose diets (more processed foods) had 32% higher triglycerides than those on a high-glucose diet (more natural foods). Why? Your body can’t metabolize a sweet snack as fast as you can eat it. So your liver puts some of the snacks fructose into your bloodstream, or stores it for later use. But … if your livers tank is full already, it packages the extra as triglycerides.

The glucose also goes to your liver, but instead of being deposited into your bloodstream, it’s stored as glycogen in the muscle. Your liver can store about 90 to 100 grams of glycogen, so it just converts the excess to fat (triglycerides).

What’s the basic message? If you’ll eat as natural of a diet as possible, limit extra sugar intake and burn calories appropriate to maintain a healthy body weight, you’ll be fine. Please keep in mind, ANY EXCESS OF SUGAR OR EVEN BROCCOLI WILL BE USED AS BEST AS IT CAN THEN WILL BE STORED AS FAT!! So watch your portions as well!!!

See ya at the gym