Hey Everybody,

I hope this finds you well and healthy. Hope you’re enjoying a great Sunday – we need more rain though. Just in case you weren’t aware, July 4th is this Friday. The gym will open at 7a and close at 3:30p. I have a few of y’all that want to show up and that’s cool with me, I’m planning on being there like normal except starting at 7a. Let me know your plans and I’ll be happy to work with you any way I can.

Ok, this week, I’m bringing back an old subject because it came up … again!!! It does all the time, so I thought I’d answer y’alls questions with the “sugar” series I did a couple of years back. I divided it up into “5 Truths” that I’ll give out over the next 5 weeks. The information is still good today so …. here you go!! Enjoy … there might even be a test on it, so pay attention!! ;)

Say what you want about sugar and people will swallow it – pun intended. Sugar caused the recession. Sugar made gas prices go up. Sugar ate my homework. Sugar comes from UFO’s …

It’s true that sugar is insidious, diabolical even, and hidden in almost everything we eat, especially processed foods. It most certainly does contribute to the overall obesity crisis … not to mention the obvious … it makes individuals fat and diabetic.

These claims are correct, but only to a limited and very oversimplified extent. The truth is, it is important to our bodies! The sugar in the body, called glucose, is a fundamental fuel for the body and the brain. The trouble comes not from sugar itself, but from the fact that it tastes so dang good! And sweetened foods make us eat more than we should – think about it. The more you eat, the more you need to burn off, and if it doesn’t get burned off … it gets stored, and in fitness storage means fat!

Here’s truth no. 1;

SUGAR ALONE DOESN’T CAUSE DIABETES – but TOO much of it does. Diabetes means that your body can’t clear glucose from your blood. When glucose isn’t processed quickly enough, it can and will destroy tissue. People with type 1 diabetes were born that way, sugar didn’t cause their diabetes. They were born with a malfunctioning pancreas. Weight gain in children and adults can cause a condition known as metabolic syndrome, which can ultimately lead to type 2 diabetes.

That’s what diabetes is all about – the body not being able to clear out the glucose. When you eat a lot of sugar, your glucose levels rise. A normal pancreas and insulin receptors can handle it, clear it out, or store it as fat. Overeating forces your pancreas to work overtime cranking out insulin to clear the glucose. One theory is; it’s certainly possible that the unprecedented increase in sugar and starch consumption in the last 100 years (because of processed foods) has lead to “pancreatic burnout”. Everyone’s body is different and burns calories and “fuel” differently than anyone else, but the facts are we have added more chemicals and sugars to processed foods that the body still hasn’t adapted to, nor should it adapt to these high and dangerous levels of “junk” in the system.

What to do about it? Drop pounds by exercise and burning off some of that sugar. Watch what you eat and make sure it’s as “natural” as possible. Research shows that dropping just 5 to 7% of your body weight can reduce your odds of developing diabetes. Yet another reason(s) to get your butt moving and exercising!!!!

See ya at the gym & Happy 238th America!!!