Hey Everybody,

I hope this finds you well and healthy. Well, after today (Saturday) the days will be getting shorter … I know – I’m a science geek, so sue me!!!! Oh … here’s another “out-of-place” factoid … in just 13 weeks it’ll be time for the …………. STATE FAIR!!!!

Ok, enough of that, four more ABC’s from MJP’s Lance Walker. Hope you remember or saved last week’s four … they were good principles. Ok, here you go …

Always Be Creative – you don’t need a definition for that. It’s simple, just think about how you can do your job – better or different than the last guy or different than YOU’VE been doing it lately. Don’t get stale in your marriage or job or club or team … be creative and stay fresh with ideas and goals.    

Always Be Conditioned – Webster’s Dictionary defines “conditioned” as, physically fit or established by conditioning or learning. If you are physically conditioned then you are regularly working on your strength, cardio, stretching, agility …these are the BASICs for fitness. You can be conditioned for work as well by working on your work “basics”, get better at what you do. Get organized. Look ahead and be ready for obstacles that may get in the way. Be pro-active … think ahead and think quicker than the other guy or gal.

Always Be Caring – another one that doesn’t need a dictionary definition. In the military, in business, in sports, in team work … which leader is always remembered more than others, the one that took time to show you some respect and cared about you and your progress. Right??? That’s the one you want to be like, be the one “they” remember because you cared to ask a few genuine questions or remember some event in their life – a birthday, an anniversary, something important to them.

Always Be Coachable – well … I actually looked for a definition, but it’s not there, but again, do you really need one? You know what it means, but do you really consider yourself to be “coachable”? It’s easy to say yes, but when a young upstart has a really good idea that you didn’t think of will you be coachable then? Lance told a story about one of the best soccer players in the world – Lionel Messi. He was at MJP for some training with his team and was put in a group with a young “intern” giving the orders. He knew she was young and inexperienced, but he stopped and listened to this girl and never griped or never “didn’t” do what she asked them to do. SHE was the coach for that drill, that day, that hour and he was there to get better and she was going to help him get there. Now that’s being coachable!!

So guys and gals, do your best to always be competent, committed, contributional, charismatic, creative, conditioned, caring & coachable … and I will as well!!!!

See ya at the gym & God Bless America