Hey Everybody,

I hope this finds you well and healthy. Here is a Happy Fathers Day to all you dads. ‘Hope you’re having a great day.

Remember a few weeks back when I was at TAMU for that conference … well, the keynote speaker was the “Global Director” for Michael Johnson Performance Center, right close by in McKinney, Texas. Check it out @ michaeljohnsonperformance.com. Michael has 5 gold medals from 3 Olympics – Barcelona ’92, Atlanta ’96 & Sydney 2000 plus several more gold at the World Games between ’91 & ’97.

Anyway, the speaker, Lance Walker, centered his speech around the ABC’s – not the ones you might be used to, but a new set of ABC’s. For the next few weeks I’ll share highlights of what he gave us at the conference and hopefully you’ll get a lot out of it like I did. He begins by relating it all toward being a leader / coach / CEO / anyone can use these principles in their lives. Enjoy!

He says great “cultures” and that’s at work, at home with family, at the fire station, at a forward operating base … you name it, begin with great coaches or leaders – so a coach/leader must …

Always Be Competent – Webster’s Dictionary defines “competent” as, properly or sufficiently qualified or capable. I’m gonna ask y’all to be better than sufficient. How do you do that … know your business, practice what you preach & stay educated and up to date in your specialty.  

Always Be Committed – Webster’s Dictionary defines “committed” as, bound or obligated, as under a pledge to a particular cause, action or attitude. Be involved and stay that way to the end. Why are you there if you’re not going to “be on board”???

Always Be Contributional – Webster’s Dictionary defines “contribution” as, the part played by a person in bringing about a result. Wow … if that’s clear I don’t know what is!!! Do your part, have a say so, even a bad idea is a contribution that may result in a good idea.

Always Be Charismatic – Webster’s Dictionary defines “charismatic” as, possessing an extraordinary ability to attract. I know I know … some of y’all feel that you work best in the background and are not comfortable in the spot light, well … don’t think of it as being in the spot light, think of it as pleasantly getting your point across!! All of you are leaders in your field – if you’re not the CEO then you’re a partner and over any number of other co-workers. If you’re not the Chief of Police then you’re A-Chief or Captain, Lt or Sgt. That means you want others to follow your lead or at least help you do your job better like you did for someone else when you were on your way up. Just DON’T be that boss that you didn’t like!

That’s the first 4 ABC’s – you’ll get the other four next week.                

See ya at the gym & God Bless America