Hey Everybody,

I hope this finds you well and healthy. I just saw on the Weather Channel that we’re going to be getting some rain … and a lot of it, WOOHOO!! ‘Hope you’re having a good Sunday.

Some of you knew this and some didn’t, but this past Friday was the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the landing of allied troops on Omaha Beach in Normandy. If you know a soldier from that event or know their family please give them your heartfelt thanks. That was by all accounts one of if not the bloodiest battles in almost any war. Unless you were there, there is no way to know what that must’ve been like for those soldiers. The closest any of us could possibly get to know what that might’ve been like is to watch the opening scenes of “Saving Private Ryan”. If you haven’t seen that movie in a while … do.

Ok, on to this week’s topic. I say this all the time to you guys and gals, but I found a blog by Phil Black – former Navy SEAL and founder of FitDeck exercise cards that echoes the same thought … you should have a “go-to” workout always ready so that when you’re regular routine gets interrupted or you just don’t feel up to a full-on and intense workout then you can pull out your “go-to” and still get something in for the day. You might ask then, what IS a “go-to” workout?

Keep it simple, keep it short, and keep it in mind. Phil says his is 100 pushups – there’s a ton of physiology in a pushup, but see how simple that can be? You don’t have to do 100 pushups, but do something. Here’s an idea; how about 100 squats, or 100 crunches? Too much still, ok … here’s an idea, how about your age in pushps, squats & crunches?? I know for a fact that NONE of you are 100 years old so you can’t use that excuse, plus it really breaks up the body parts.

I will be happy to help you develop and try out your “go-to” workout so it’s comfortable as well as convenient. Just let me know.

See ya at the gym & God Bless America