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I hope this finds you well and healthy & having a great weekend! It’s really nice out, uh??

Most of you know that I donate platelets at Carter BloodCare every month. I’ve been donating since ’97 and look forward to it every time. This week’s blog will be directed to that end. I’d really like to ask y’all to consider getting in touch with Carter and make a donation. It’s so incredibly lifesaving and the need is great. They are always in need of every type of blood and blood product. Blood is made of 4 main components – white blood cells (infection fighters), red blood cells (oxygen delivery), platelets (clotting factors) & plasma (fluid that all the other float in).

If you truly have a “needle” phobia, then by all means don’t donate, it won’t be a positive experience for you. If you aren’t affected by needles then give it a try. You’ll feel better for the gift and so will the recipient!! If you have any questions about the process of giving platelets please don’t hesitate to ask … I’ll just say it’s a lot more complicated than giving blood, but worth every bit of the “trouble”.

Below is a short blog from Carter BloodCare. I’ve included the number of the Carter office I use at Preston Rd and LBJ. I’ll say this about that particular location … I love those gals & guys. They do a great job and make you comfortable and really take care of you through the process.

What are Platelets?

There are many ways to give back to your community, but donating blood or platelets at Carter BloodCare is one very powerful way. Donating blood and platelets saves lives and treats many other serious conditions for those in need throughout Texas. Most have heard about donating blood, but many are unaware of donating platelets and its importance.

Platelets, also known as Thrombocytes, are produced in the bone marrow along with red blood cells and white blood cells. Platelets are the smallest cell in your blood and when viewed under a microscope look like a circle plate, hence the name. Even though platelets are the smallest cell, they serve a very big purpose for your body and without them you would not live. As humans, we know that bleeding will eventually stop after our skin gets cut. This normal bodily function could not occur without the presence of platelets in blood.

Importance of Platelets

When a blood vessel is cut, it sends out a signal of distress within your blood. This signal reaches the platelets and they go into action swarming to the scene of the cut, ready to stop the bleeding. When the platelet becomes active it will grow tentacle like objects that make it appear almost like a spider. It uses these tentacles to bond to other platelets, building a clot where the blood vessel has been cut, doctor’s call this thrombus. When the platelet turns into its active form it also sends out a signal to other platelets to come to the scene of the action.

However, having too many or too few platelets can be a bad thing. The normal platelet count ranges from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per micro liter of blood and can be gauged from a complete blood count test. Having too many platelets may lead to spontaneous blood clots within your bloodstream, sometimes causing strokes or heart issues. On the other hand, having too few platelets can lead to internal bleeding, and the inability for your body to create a clot to stop bleeding. This is why taking the time to donate platelets for Carter BloodCare is very important.

Platelet Donation

Just as donating blood saves lives, donating platelets can save lives as well. Most individuals receiving platelet donations are those with bone cancer and also those undergoing radiation therapies. Unfortunately, platelets have a short shelf life, making it difficult to keep up with the demand.  This means routine life donations are true life saving efforts.

It takes six or more whole blood donors to produce just one unit of transferable platelets. Carter BloodCare is always in need of new platelet donations due to platelets short shelf-life of five days.

Book your platelet or blood donation appointment today and give the gift of life and give it often. Visit www.carterbloodcare.org or call 1-800-366-2834. The location I use is in the SW corner of Preston & LBJ – next to a BBQ place. The number there is (972)980-9210. Good luck and good donation!!!

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