Hey All,

I hope this finds you all well and healthy!

This week’s quote; “Your preparation determines your destination” is appropriate for a job, school, retirement, emergency, camping – if you’re “prepared” to get somewhere or get through some event, you’re more than likely to get there. Your level of preparation will determine your destination. Now, let’s not split hairs, Sir Richard Branson never went to college, yet he’s a billionaire airline mogul & space pioneer. No worries, his early business experience (starting when he was a kid) prepared him for his unique role in life. The military uses the axiom “7 p’s” to teach soldiers about the benefits of preparing. It goes like this; Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance!! Alright – back to the quote.

Your preparation determines your destination – means many things. It means that you should have a goal to shoot for then prepare to work toward it. It means being ready for a long road trip and thinking of a few major things that could go wrong and having a plan to not get stuck somewhere. It means if you want to retire well, you must be preparing now so you can meet the goal. How well you prepare for retirement determines how well you retire.

As a former fireman/paramedic, preparation was EVERYTHING. As soon as we got back to the station we had to clean & restock anything we used and get the truck ready for the next call before we did anything else. We HAD to be ready so we weren’t caught “un-prepared”. A lot of times we missed meals & lots of sleep, but the trucks were ready 24/7.

If you’ve prepared for your kids college then it’ll be no surprise to you. If you’ve prepared a little, that will certainly determine where your child will go and to what extent they will need financial aid … isn’t that sort of determining their destination??

When setting a goal for a certain job, you more than likely also have a “destination” in mind as in what position with what company you’d like to have. Your preparation determines just how far you’ll get toward that goal.

So … if you want a better destination … do better preparation.  

See you at the gym!!!