Hey All,

I hope this finds you well and healthy!

This week I’m expanding on a quote one of you gave me … by accident. A little background … this client was with me a year or so ago and worked hard, but the “message” of fitness just didn’t sink in like we both wanted it to. Work happened … life happened … that’s how it goes, uh?

We took a break and then she came back. This time … the message was loud and clear!! She has taken every chance to make good decisions even when traveling for work. She’s made positive changes in her eating and regular exercise. The pounds and inches have disappeared!!! During one of our sessions recently, she made the comment how well she felt these days and that “it” was really working this time & then she said “feeling strong & healthy is better than feeling weak”. We both looked each at each other and just started laughing saying … “now that’s a quote”!!

FEELING STRONG & HEALTHY IS BETTER THAN FEELING WEAK – how many people do you know that don’t exercise & seriously think they are “healthy”? I know a bunch like that. They get through their days with hardly ever getting close to breaking a sweat. If on the weekend they do yard work and get some sore pains, it’s just the thing they need to talk about on Monday at the water cooler, you know, how hard they worked and SEE, they can still hack it IF they need to, no real need to exercise!!???

If only they could get that authentic feeling of strength & health they would see how weak they really are. Being healthy isn’t just “getting through” a physical event then collapsing on the couch in front of the TV all weekend … almost anyone can “get through” if they just keep moving, no, you want to do the work and feel like you could do a little more and then go out that night for dinner or dancing and maybe go for a walk on Sunday mornings. That’s how you celebrate health and fitness.

I’m totally blown away by the “low level” of fitness that most people embrace as “I feel great, why do I need to exercise”. Ones poor health doesn’t just affect just that one. What of the family member that has to help and shuttle that one around. What of the medications that that “one” takes to compensate for the lack of exercise – blood pressure, heart, diabetes, blood thinner for stroke prevention … the vast majority of these issues could EASILY be held in check with minimum to zero medication if they had established a foundation of exercise and eating right. All the stuff we heard as kids in our elementary and middle school “health” classes … remember those??? The basics still work guys & gals.

There are very few excuses to be in poor health these days. The benefits to being healthy are NUMEROUS; there are ZERO benefits to being unfit – PERIOD. See … “feeling strong & healthy IS better than feeling weak”    

See you at the gym!!!