Hey All,

I hope this finds you well and healthy!

Ok, before I forget …. I will be out of the gym Saturday, March 8th thru Sunday March 16th & back in the gym Monday 17th. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE!!!! I’m taking Spring Break off for the first time in almost 5 years!

Yes, I took 2 weeks to go to the Boy Scout Camp “Philmont” last summer, and even though it was a fantastic & relaxing trip (as much as you can relax humping a 60 pound pack 70 miles through the mountains) I was still helping to manage a group of kids through it all. This time I’m headed to my buddy’s ranch outside of Ruidoso, New Mexico to chop wood, maybe fix a fence, sip some Tequila and look through an automated telescope. Now THAT’s a vacation!

Much to the point of taking some time off; it IS important to change your scenery now and then. It has been proven by many studies that you can get more done in 11 months of the year than in 12. What’s the point? Take some time to rest and recharge so the pressures and stresses of life, work, obligations, friends, clubs … all find their proper place in your life. No one should work 7 days a week and not get some time away. You could very well end up stressed like crazy to the point of “burnout” and then you’re no good at work or at home! Even the “staycation” is a rest from some of the pressures you may be trying to get away from. Getting some things done around the house can take a huge weight off of your shoulders.

Having said all of that and since this is a “fitness” blog; consider the same thing with your workouts. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORKOUT 7 DAYS A WEEK to be or stay “fit”. You do not have to run a marathon or do a triathlon to be considered healthy. Weekly exercise is practically a mandate for heath, yes indeed, but rest is just as important as the exercise itself. When you rest you are also repairing, recharging & rebuilding the body for the next bout of exercise. If you don’t rest, then you might be headed for “burnout” as well. You’ll get hurt, you’ll be forced to rest, if you decide to not rest then you’ll hurt yourself even more. Honestly, Olympic athletes who have to be fit all year long still get rest and relax and have peak times as well as down times to allow the body to keep going at that pace. If resting is good enough for them … it’s good enough for you!!   

See you at the gym!!!