Hey All,

I hope this finds you well and healthy!

So, the Olympics are finally over this Sunday night, and … I’m kinda glad. I know, you’re freaking out that I said that, but here’s why; it’s like having your favorite dessert at every meal for 2 weeks … it won’t be your favorite anymore – you get tired of it – it doesn’t taste as good as the first day or two – you don’t look forward to it if you get too much of it. It’s time for the Olympics to end so they can be appreciated again next time … summer of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 5 thru 21, but who’s really counting the days, right??

The Olympics are ending, but not the dreams of the athletes that fell short & plan on making the next winter games. Or the younger ones that had a fire lit while watching the games at home. Or the medal winners that want a higher place on the podium or another top prize all together. Dreams of winning are what drives these guys and gals to go through the pain of training, the pain of losing a competition, the pain of being away from friends and family … of laying it all out on the line for that one chance, that one moment to be at the top. How many of you have a dream for yourself and or family that you would go to these extremes to achieve?

Just because the games have ended, don’t kid yourself for a second that the dreams have ended as well. For many, they have just begun to dream! And so should you. Make a goal, then make a plan, then get to work to make it happen. It certainly doesn’t have to be an “Olympic” dream to mean a great deal to you or loved ones, but it should inspire you to do a little more than the day before. It should keep you awake with excitement from time to time. It should make you daydream a bit at work and make you smile every time it comes to mind. It should give you a boost when you’re down and need a kick in the butt. It most definitely should put a bounce in your step and a sparkle in your eye.

Having a dream and working to make it real is THE essential water to living! Drink up my friends, and drink hardy, for life is short and life is awesome. Working for something that is just out of reach makes us grow, makes us interesting, makes us more appreciative, makes us learn, and makes us standout in a crowd.

See you at the gym!!!

By the way, the next Winter Games are in Pyeongchang, South Korea, February 9-25, 2018, but who’s really counting the days, right??