Hey Everybody,

I hope this finds you well and healthy!! Get out some this weekend cuz … the cold’s comin’ back!!!!

Ok, this week’s leadership thought …


It’s been said that if you don’t toot your own horn, someone will come along and use it as a spittoon (holy crap, that’s nasty). As long as you’re busy accentuating the positives of others, a little self-praise doesn’t hurt. A lot of managers are hard on their subordinates because they’re so hard on themselves. These kinds of managers are often after themselves in their heads; “I should’ve done that better”, or “how stupid of me to forget that detail”. Any of that sound familiar??

Ok, now Kevin “unplugged” … other than all the above, how about the very healthy view of having a solid and “healthy” self esteem? It’s certainly healthy to be proud of your accomplishments, to be confident in your abilities, to be positive about who YOU are, so it follows that it’s perfectly ok to toot your own horn about these things … every NOW & THEN. Too much tooting is obviously a bad thing (there’s a joke in there somewhere), and no one likes that person. Be proud of your accomplishments, be confident in your abilities and tell people … but only when they ask and when it’s appropriate. I promise you, people will see – even strangers that don’t know you – that you know your stuff by the way you DON’T toot your own horn. You’ve all seen those folks that can just walk in a room and get everyone’s attention just by the way they handle themselves. You almost automatically “respect” those folks because they don’t walk in a room and announce who they are or better yet, who they think they are. You don’t want to be that kind of person.        

Have a great weekend – it’s supposed to be awesome weather!!!!

See you at the gym!!!