Hey Everybody,

I hope this finds you well and healthy!!

Ok, this week’s leadership thought …


If you are not sure how much direction your people need to do a task, it’s always better to “over supervise” than to “under supervise” in the beginning. Why?? Because if you find your people are better than you thought, and you loosen up, they will appreciate the trust and respond in a positive way.

It’s easier to start off tough and then be nice than to start off nice and then get tough. Hence; it’s better to loosen up than to tighten up.

You all have known that manager / leader / teacher … that was the “nice” guy or gal in the beginning only to become a raging tyrant later on, making your life a living hell. Take heart – that particular leaders issues are obviously their own … they’ve run out of confidence, IF they had any to start with. They think you’re “out working” them maybe to get THEIR job. They don’t have the character or self confidence to let you be you while performing your duties. They’re out of ideas on how to manage and want to exhibit as much control over you as possible, because that’s what people do when they lack the skills to lead. They will over compensate their power or authority by “puffing up”, looking bigger and sounding louder than they have to be.

Be tough at first to set the rules and tone of your business. AND, be sure to follow up on appropriate consequences when necessary. Then … chill out when you see that your people can do their jobs. Now you can be a “nice” leader that your people can trust as a fair but tough when need be.       

Have a great weekend – it’s supposed to be awesome weather!!!!

See you at the gym!!!