Hey Everybody,

Greetings and salutations!! I hope this finds you well and healthy!!

Hope you’re well on your way to making your goals!! Now is the time – right freakin now!! The present time is the only time you have ANY control of. Take advantage of the present time and get things done and OFF your list … or conversely – take advantage of the present time and put a few things ON your list!! DO IT NOW, cuz the future is out of your control, even a minute from now is the future and you can’t touch it until it gets here.

Ok then, onto this week’s thought from Ken Blanchard’s book, Leadership Smarts. You all are leaders in your field and have people that report to you and that you report to. So here’s a bit of wisdom from an experienced leader – Ken Blanchard.

It’s more important as a manager / leader to be respected than to be popular.

In short; as a leader of others, are you willing to push your people – whether it’s a group of middle managers, team leaders, the mail room or a Cub Scout pack – beyond their comfort zone in order to achieve excellence? They might not like what you ask of them, but they will remember you as a leader they respected.

The meaning of “respect” has gotten a muddy bath lately by those who want to make sure you haven’t “disrespected” them. The ones who say stuff like … “you didn’t respect me when … blah blah blah”. I hate to make this so damn simple, but here it goes … to GET respect, you have to GIVE respect. You can’t get heat out of a fire until you put the wood in. You have to put gas IN the car to get energy OUT of the car … ok, you get it. The take home message of getting respect from those whom you aim to lead … be steady in your character. Make sure you follow through with any promise you make or disciplinary actions you put out there. Be open to new ideas and praise a good idea, but if it’s not getting y’all to the goals you set, then it’s no good to the team. Be friendly, but you’re no “beer drinking buddy” with your subordinates.

These are time tested and taught to business 101 students. Just basic common sense rules of drawing appropriate lines.    

Have a great weekend – it’s supposed to be awesome weather!!!!

See you at the gym!!!