Hey Everybody,

I hope this finds you all well!! Here’s to a very healthy & prosperous 2014!!!

Remember to make a list of your goals (not resolutions) as soon as possible and get moving on them!! You all know how quickly time can fly by – TODAY IS THE ONLY DAY YOU HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER … and then that control can literally only help you in this very moment right NOW. The future is out of your control, even a minute from now is the future and you can’t touch it until it gets here.

Ok then, onto this week’s thought from Ken Blanchard’s book, Leadership Smarts. You all are leaders in your field and have people that report to you and that you report to. So here’s a bit of wisdom from an experienced leader – Ken Blanchard.

Consistency isn’t behaving the same way all the time, its behaving the same way under similar circumstances.

In short; as a leader of others, if you act the same way all the time, then you’re either demanding when you don’t have to be, easy going when you shouldn’t be, not attentive when you better be. You should praise your people when they deserve it, but if you praise them when they’re doing well and when they’re doing poorly (some “leaders” don’t want to create waves so they praise anything), you’re most definitely sending an inconsistent message not to mention you’re losing them as a someone they can believe in. Good performance should ALWAYS be treated differently than poor performance. When you respond to your people in the same way under similar circumstances, you give them the valuable gift of predictability.  

I know all of you have worked for or with someone that you’ve said … “man, that guy/gal is unpredictable. You just never know how they’ll react”. How frustrating is that? The take home message is; don’t be that kind of leader … or parent or spouse or friend. Nobody likes or respects that person. People may follow you because of your position, but you won’t have any followers.


See you at the gym!!!