Hey Everybody,

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!! 2014 is just a few days away - wow … 2013 FLEW by!!!! I’m kinda freaked that 2014 is just next week. I have a ton on my list to do this year – how ‘bout you?? Remember to make GOALS & NOT “resolutions. The basics of that is simple, a resolution is just a “decision” to do something – a decision, no plan – no aiming – no accountability. Whereas a goal IS something you’ve written down, you’ve planned out a path to get started, you’re aiming for something, and hopefully you’ve mentioned it to a few people so now you’re accountable! Maybe this should be the topic this week … but it ain’t!! I’ll get to that one in January, because it’ll be important to start the year with some goals. Be thinking of YOUR goals and I’ll help you with the kick-off, how’s that?


Ok then, I’d like to start the year off with some ideas and thoughts from Ken Blanchard’s book, Leadership Smarts. It’s a small quick read with tons of leadership ideas & ideals. You all are leaders in your field and have people that report to you and that you report to. So here’s a bit of wisdom from an experienced smart leader – Ken Blanchard.

In Life, What You Resist, Persists.

In short; if something is bothering you and you don’t deal with it, you’re holding it in and letting it “fester”. Even if it’s a small something, holding it in will make it bigger. Think of a splinter – small & annoying, but if you don’t get it out and then it gets infected … it gets worse. Holding in your feelings about something has its place, but this can backfire later when you find yourself “dumping” in an inappropriate way and at EXACTLY the wrong moment. It’s been said, and has been proven many times, that if you’ll deal with what is bother you, the problem very often disappears in the process. I’m sure you’ve said to yourself many times, “man I’m glad to get that off my mind”.

I know some of you have heard me say that I’m “tactfully blunt”, I like being that way. If done with honesty and truth … I think it’s the way to go. Say what’s on your mind, be honest, be tactful, but get that stuff off your chest and out of your head. It’ll also relieve any stress that you were feeling – now that’s gotta be worth it, right??


See you at the gym!!!