Hey Everybody,

Just a few more days ‘til Christmas. Hope y’all have all of “Santa’s” shopping done!! “wink”

This past week the nutrition world was all a-buzz about vitamins not really being worth it. I have to admit that I feel the same way about a great many supplements out there. With all the claims made and benefits touted and photo-shopped pictures on the cover of fitness magazines, it’s no wonder the supplement business is a billion (s) dollar business!

I’m fairly certain the guys & gals that are downing these supplements thinking they will achieve better fitness, have NO idea that not a single ONE of them have FDA approval, not to mention that you’d be hard pressed to find a full ingredient label on any of them. What you will see is a basic list of the obvious, then … a mix of something they call (and are not required to divulge true contents) their “proprietary blend”. You have no idea and will never know what that mix is because of protection rights. That’s when you know it’s a “bogus” health food or supplement.

In all seriousness, you DO NOT NEED vitamins or supplements if you are eating a HEALTHY diet. Vitamins help get you some things that your body has a hard time producing – or so they say – if you’re eating a variety of “single ingredient” foods then you don’t need vitamins – period! Ok then, what is a single ingredient food? Forget the vitamins and minerals in a food, but ask yourself - what’s in fish … FISH. What’s in tomato – TOMATO. What’s in an orange – ORANGE. You get the idea.

For thousands upon thousands of years our bodies ran great on fish/fowl/fawn, fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains and natural sweets like sugar beets and honey as well as the before mentioned fruit. Only in the last 100+ years, as we got smarter with preservatives and additives to our food, have we gotten FATTER and more UNhealthy – go figure!! Leave it to humans to screw up something as natural as food. What’s my point …?

I know it’s the holidays and you’re going to eat a lot of healthy AND unhealthy food … go in peace and enjoy the heck out of it … but … as SOON as you can, get back to eating as CLEAN as you can. There are two tests you can give a food is to see if it’s ok to eat;

1. Pronounce its ingredients, if you can, then eat it (see the paragraph about single ingredient foods again). If you can’t, then it’s probably fake food;

2. If it comes in box or cellophane bag and says “just add water and 1 egg”, then it’s most definitely a fake food.

Clean eating feels clean in the body, clean eating looks clean on your plate, clean eating makes your bodies run clean in the form of energy. Clean eating manifests in clean blood numbers at the doctor’s office … the list is LONG in positive benefits of clean eating. Make a promise to yourself for 2014 – eat as clean as you possibly can as often as you possibly can.        

See you at the gym!!!