Hey Everybody,

I hope this finds you all well, healthy and happy … AND have visited the fair by now, cuz it’s only one more week!!  

I used this week’s quote a few months back, but never followed up on what it means to me or could mean to you.

When Bruce Lee first said it – “It’s not about the daily increase, but the decrease. Hack away at the unessential” – he was talking about martial arts. There is a LOT of fluff and useless moves and techniques in martial arts. Even in Japan in the 1500’s, Miyamoto Musashi – a very famous and undefeated swordsman – said that the martial arts teachers of the day were teaching for the wrong reasons … more money, more fame, more prestige, more fluff … you get the idea. Miyamoto was undefeated because he perfected a very simple and basic set of sword skills with NO fluff! Bruce Lee was famous for the same reason … a no-nonsense set of hand to hand combat skills. Vince Lombardi was a master of “basic football” skills. He ran basic plays over and over and won a ton of games! In fact wasn’t he that said something like … “what counts in football are basics basics basics”?? What’s the theme then for you?

Hack away at the unessential things in your life. Take stock of your work skill set and perfect the best parts. No matter what job you do, YOU have special skills and should know what they are and know how to employ them to their fullest with no fluff. Take stock of your LIFE skill set and perfect the best parts there too. You all have families and hobbies and friends and smaller communities of interest that you engage in – yet more chances to hack away at the unessential and get back to the basics of living and being human. Count your blessing and see how much the basic things mean to you. Too many times in each of our days we see the ones that “seem” as if they have their life in order and I’ll bet you a year’s pay that you wouldn’t trade one week with them if you really knew how they lived.

Look around at the clutter in your life (I use the word clutter to catch all the minutia and junk in your life cuz all of that IS clutter) – house, garage, closet, car, computer … and get rid of it. You run a scan and defrag to clean your hard drive, then you run a virus scan to catch any remaining junk in the system … do the same thing to YOU. Run a self scan and see where you feel clutter and “delete” it. If you don’t need it, get rid of it, donate it, sell it, and throw it away, whatever helps you free up thinking and mobility. Get back to basics and see the good in things you already have. Here’s another quote I like; “it’s not about having the things you want, it’s about wanting the things you have”. That’s a really powerful quote by itself!

Give some thought to the unessential things that are in your life and give another thought as to how you’ll get rid of it. You’ll be better off for it … I promise.

See you at the gym … because exercise IS essential to the human body!!