Hey Everybody,

‘Hope this finds you all well, healthy and happy!! It feels like fall is HERE … and the State Fair is this coming weekend … Hooyah!!!!

This week’s quote (by Todd Durkin): “Live with F.A.I.T.H. every day”, is a powerful set of “personal living” rules. Let me expand a bit.

FORTITUDE – let’s start with the dictionary definition; “strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage”. Just like they say in any endeavor worth your time – stick it out til the end. That’s fortitude. Not stopping, not settling for less, and not giving up even if you’re scared to go on. That works in business, in medicine, in teaching, in the military, in the fire service or police work ... ANY adventure or endeavor takes fortitude to get to the finish line. How about being a parent and knowing you have this child to take care of for a long time – fortitude.

ATTITUDE - a complex mental state involving beliefs, feelings, values and dispositions to act in certain ways. I think it’s easier to define attitude as “how you see the world and situations around you”. You’re either a glass half FULL or half EMPTY kind of person. A half full person sees the world and problems around them as “opportunities” and looks forward to things. A glass half empty kind of person sees the world and problems around them as walls they can’t get through or around and more than likely just give up.

INTEGRITY – the easiest way to define integrity to me is; doing the right thing even if no one is around. Being honest, keeping your promises, and staying true to your course when you know it’s right but may not be popular. Basically … doing the right thing even when no one is around to see you.

THANKFULNESS – being thankful for everything you and every experience you’ve been through. Count your blessings every day, be thankful for every breath you take, every bite you eat, every step you make and every day you wake. Being thankful is a powerful motivator and a very optimistic way to look at the world. It’s ok to be optimistic these days. It’s a lot better than being pessimistic AND buried with the issues and problems in the world.

HUMILITY - is the quality of being modest or respectful. Wow, this is one that’s tough to find in great abundance. With social media being so prevalent, it seems like modesty is just a funny word from the past. I know it’s out there, but sometimes just basic courtesy and respect for each other seems to be gone as well! I have little patience for the “chronically stupid”, that’s when a person knows better, but won’t change or learn something new because “they’ve learned enough”. Y’all know those folks. Having said that – we all share this one planet and you can learn something from the homeless man on the corner as well as the chronically stupid. And they can learn from you. Be proud of your achievements, but be modest & respectful in your advertisement of them.

Live with FAITH … everyday in every way.

See you at the gym!!!!!