Hello Everybody,

I hope this finds you well and healthy.

This week’s quote; “early is on-time and on-time is late” is a time tested and proven mark of one’s punctuality. Is it still important in today’s world … I 100% believe it is!!

I’m almost positive it originated in the military, namely by those on watch. When one soldier relieves another on watch, they must be at that station 15 minutes prior to the scheduled relief time for a “watch report” (summary of happenings during the previous watch) so the off-going soldier can give his report and be off watch at the time the oncoming soldier is scheduled to assume the watch. If the oncoming soldier is not there early, say 15 minutes before the watch begins, and instead arrives at the scheduled time, they are considered late. If they are there 15 minutes earlier than they’re scheduled to be making them early then they are considered on time.


I really like this quote. It has helped me a lot of times when I feel a bit sluggish or just not moving with purpose to get somewhere, I always say this and man, it lights a fire under my butt for sure! I say this to my clients to get them to get to the gym a bit early and do their warm-up. When I was teaching the PT at the police academy, I would make sure the cadets knew the quote and that I lived by it and they should as well … or they’d feel what it was like to be “on-time”!

I use it to make sure I’m early getting to the airport or to a meeting with an agency or to a date even – you just never know what the traffic might be like. I use it to make sure I get to the movie early enough to get all my snacks and crap together … and to get a good seat!

I most definitely use it to make sure no-one ever has to wait on UDT! We are there, ready, willing, and amped to serve the officers that come to our classes. I absolutely hate when I go to a training class expecting things to start at a certain time and it doesn’t. So, I don’t want us to be seen that way. It will absolutely work for you in your life with virtually any event or situation where you have to be somewhere at a certain time – which is every single day!

“Early is on-time, on-time is late, and late is unacceptable”