Hey Everybody,


That was a real headline on national news this week. What’s my response? DUH!!!!!!!!!!

Any time you are told anything other than how to combine the basics – eating carbs, proteins, and or fats in healthy and appropriate amounts – then you’re being told about some “fad” diet that will not work! Period.

Yes, some people have lost weight with Atkins, with the California diet, with the Fruit diet, with blah blah blah … the list goes on and on. Yes, these do work in the short term, but they are not diets you should keep up for a long-term healthy lifestyle. Even the “cleanses” that you hear about are ok NOW & THEN, but too many folks are using them as a way to clean out the fat and lose weight, which is NOT what they’re designed for. They’re supposed to literally clean out the extra poop in the intestines and pockets of waste in your colon.

You want to eat right? You want to eat healthy? You want to lose weight? You want to lose fat? Here’s the diet you want … eat as little processed foods (anything in a box or a bag that has you “just add water”) as possible, and eat lean meats – fish, fowl and not a lot of red meat. Eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, and any natural derivative of those same foods. Example; hummus is fine ground chick-peas. Add to that a bit of olive oil, black pepper, sundried tomatoes and you have a fantastically healthy snack to dip carrots and broccoli in. See what I mean? Guys and gals, you want to EAT the majority of your proteins. Stop drinking all those smoothies for meal replacements. The body works better and uses the proteins better if you actually eat, i.e. “chew” them. Not to mention the body fills up or satiates better with solid food and NOT all the liquids. Water, YES absolutely, but not so many meal replacement drinks.

I was at a seminar a couple of years ago in Colorado Springs at NSCA headquarters. A nutritionist from the Olympic training camp came by to talk about nutrition and the take home message from that was to eat all the “single ingredient” items you want! What’s a single ingredient item? Forget the vitamins and minerals in the foods, but what’s in fish – fish! What’s in an apple – apple! You get the idea. The one “diet plan” that I feel has real merit, and my respect, is the one that counts single ingredient foods as points and you can eat almost as much as you want of these items in their plan as well! The plan I like for my clients if they’re going to do one is – Weight Watchers.

My message here is similar; eat all the single ingredient foods you want and you will clean out the gut and poop better and feel better. But … you still have to exercise! There is no way around it – if you eat you must exercise! More on that next time!!

See you at the gym!!!!!