Hey All,

Hope this finds you all well, healthy and happy!!

Well, I hope you all had as good a week as I did. A great week of training y’all, excellent response to UDT classes … just a good week all the way around.  

Ok, this week’s topic is an explanation of a quote of mine; “A little done a lot is better than a lot done a little”.



We’ll start with an exercise example and then a quick reference how you can apply it to EVERY DAY events and situations.

Exercise; simply put – a little exercise done a lot of times is better than a lot of exercise done a few times. Exercise is accumulative. If you do just 10 pushups an hour for 8 hours of your day you’ll have done 40 pushups. Wow, how is that impressive, you might ask? Consider that the VAST majority of people don’t even do ANY exercise … you’ve narrowed down the competition by an enormous amount! Another example, walking. Try walking around your block every day for a week. The next week do 2 times around the block. Build on that until you’re putting in a couple of miles “walking”. Walking is VERY underrated for exercise. It’s the way we humans got around the planet for thousands and thousands of years. Even today in some countries, walking is still the king of transportation. Don’t be a lazy ass. We’ve gotten so used to driving everywhere and I mean everywhere. I know people that drive around the block just to get a paper on a beautiful Sunday morning! Go for a walk!!

Ok, let’s talk about keeping your gym routine easy and repeatable no matter what gym you’re at – even if you’re on vacation at a different gym. If you’ll do a simple yet quality program of basic chest (push) – back (pull) – legs (press), and I mean keep it simple, you will have worked every skeletal muscle in your body. All it would take is 40-45 minutes (after a good warm-up and cool down). You DON’T need to be in the gym hours at a time to be fit!! Keep your routine short and simple and you’ll do it more often, thus getting you better and more lasting results.

How does this relate to everyday life? Keep your goals short and simple – reach part of the big picture every day. Make a plan, make a budget, make a weekend list of “to-do’s”, make a way to do a little something every day so that you’re NOT trying to cram a bunch of junk into what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend. You can still have a relaxing weekend and get things done by the way … just do a little a lot of times and before you know it, you’ve done a LOT and your mind is at ease.

See you at the gym!!!!!