Hey All,

Hope this finds you all well and healthy!!

I had a great training with the cops down in Houston. Actually they were a group of undercover narcotic officers. What a rush when that caliber of street cop takes what I’m teaching and gets enthused enough to want me back to finish! I know that sounds like I’m bragging, but it’s 100% true. I’m just really thankful I have a skill to pass on that may save an officer’s life. Thank you for y’alls support and encouragement.  

Ok, remember we’re doing a series on stress and answering the questions you see below.

  • Is stress good or bad for me?
  • What does stress do to me?
  • Are there different kinds of stress?
  • How can I manage my stress?
  • What the heck is a 15 minute weekend?

Last week I answered the question – what exactly IS stress? This week let’s talk about if stress is good or bad for you.

YES, stress is good AND bad for you!

The only thing is … we all perceive stress differently. What may be stressful to one may not be stressful to another. One person’s promotion may be another's headache! Pick any event you can think of that might stress you out and you can find someone else that the same situation won’t even make them blink. It’s not that they’re better than you … it’s just that particular situation doesn’t affect them like it does you. Obviously it works both ways, something that bothers that other person won’t bother you at all.

Last week I said that you NEEEED stress in your life for different reasons. That’s why stress is good for you. Keep this in mind as well … Stress is not the event itself, but our reaction to the event.

This is where the rubber meets the road. This is also where stress can be bad for you … in the way you handle or not handle your stress. Again, pick any event … bills, time issues, job or home responsibilities, a catastrophe – like the tornado outbreak we just had, a divorce, a death, a job change … every single one of those will need a response. The right response is the one where you solve the issues or adapt or accept the new norm. A bad response will be to internalize the stress and not deal with it. Keeping stress bottled up will damage the body and screw up your mind. You have to get this stuff out. What’s the number one counter to handling stress … well; it shouldn’t be much of a surprise … its exercise!! Honest!

See you at the gym then!!!!! “wink”