Hey All,

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. Thank you for being there in the past, present and the future! Here’s to many more to come!

What a cool week this was at the Y. We hosted one stop on the Women’s Pro Squash Tour. I gotta tell ya … I’m hooked! I watched as many matches as I could. They were absolutely amazing! I got a few autographs and a couple of hugs!! What a great group – I’m definitely going to be watching out for other tournaments!

This week I’m starting a “mini-series” on stress … ‘basics on how to recognize it, deal with it, change it, and accept that stress is important and “ain’t” going away! Wow, a heavy topic, but an important one. Let’s get started.

A couple of things go through most people’s mind when they think about “stress”. One – most people wish they didn’t have any stress. And two – most people think that all stress is bad, and it sure seems that way – the bills don’t stop, work and family issues seem to mount higher and higher, there’s never enough hours in the day to get it all done and get your downtime in … yeah, stress seems pretty bad. The thing is … you need stress in your life and you have more control over your stress level than you might think.

Let me start this “mini-series” by asking, then answering the following questions;

  • What exactly IS stress?
  • Is stress good or bad for me?
  • What does stress do to me?
  • Are there different kinds of stress?
  • How can I manage my stress?
  • What the heck is a 15 minute weekend?

Ok, from the top; what exactly IS stress – stress is a natural reaction of the mind and body to a demand placed on it, real or imagined – pleasant or unpleasant. When you feel threatened … or in the case of the pro squash players … you feel “challenged”, a chemical reaction happens in the body that prepares you for flight or fight. That chemical would be your own adrenaline – turbo fuel for the body. Adrenaline soups up the muscles you’ll need to use – shuts down other muscles or body systems that it doesn’t need and off you go (there’s much more to it than that, I’m just trying to keep it simple). Make no mistake you NEEEED stress in your life. Stress keeps you aware, keeps you sharp & on your toes, keeps your head down in war, keeps you from going down that dark alley or hallway, but unmanaged stress can seriously affect your body and mind.

Let’s talk about that unmanaged stress next week. Stay tuned!    

See you at the gym!