Q: Do I really need to eat breakfast?

First some “meal” basics; you gotta eat breakfast, you gotta have some lunch, you gotta have some dinner. Don’t think of eating 4-5 small “meals” everyday, think of eating 4-5 big snacks. Develop the habit of bringing snacks to work with you. Foods that you don’t need to refrigerate are best; food bars, crackers, fruit; apples, bananas, oranges … it’s a pain at first, but once you do it a few times it really pays off and it gets easier. You might even find that a little prep the night before makes it all that more enjoyable when you’re reaching for it the next day at work. I’m talking about peeling and pulling apart an orange so you can just grab a slice or two when you get a hunger pain. Do the same thing with apples – slice it into quarters so all you have to do is grab one and go!

Don’t worry about counting calories – honest – don’t waste your time, instead – just chose healthy foods, all of you know the difference between junk food and good food the vast majority of the time, so why then are you eating all that junk? Here’s another one – stop eating out so much! Bring your lunch to work. I know some of you have business lunches and the like – ok, just make healthy choices there as well.

Now let’s get to breakfast. YOU GOTTA HAVE BREAKFAST, what is breakfast – it’s breaking the fast of sleep, unless you’re a sleep eater. You certainly CAN have those Quaker oatmeal paks; it doesn’t have to be “steel cut” to be good for you. Peanut butter on toast is a good choice. A healthy cereal with fruit, some fruit with yogurt … almost anything that isn’t a cigarette and a donut – besides not eating at all – will be a good start. The body needs “fuel” first thing in the morning to get going. Science has proven many times that those who eat breakfast are better at maintaining low body fat, steady body weight and they don’t binge later during the day or that evening like those that don’t eat breakfast. So, if you’re not eating breakfast … START!