Hey Everybody,

I hope this finds you all well and healthy. Man it's a beautiful day here in Dallas. Blue sky, cool breeze, cool nights ... can't be beat!  

Ok, this week lets talk about snacking. Y'all have all heard me say to "graze" during the day. Grazing during the day keeps your gas tank full, giving you energy for activity. It keeps your metabolism fired up, helping you burn fat. And, snacking during the day helps keep your hunger in check. That way you wont attack the fridge when you get home or "over order" if you meet out for dinner.  

Every critter on the planet, from bugs to bears, eats a little then moves a little. They eat a little more and move a little more. We humans are the only creatures on the planet that eats a freaking ton more than we need and moves very little. Hence the health issues facing our kids as well as our friends and family.

Having said all that, consider these "rules" to smart snacking.

1. Think of your snacks as really small balanced meals. A smart snack has carbs, fat and protein in it.

2. Snack frequently - depending on your activity level.

3. Combine your carbs with a protein or dairy to hold off hunger pains and to even out your sugar levels.

4. Get in the habit of keeping healthy snacks close by. Keep a few things in your desk or in your gym bag. Get in the habit of making your own lunch and EATING it. Any new habit takes work - but it WILL pay off. Do some prep the night before ... peel an orange, cut up an apple, have a handful of almonds in a small zip-lock, buy healthy food bars, mozerella cheese sticks make a great protein snack. It also helps you save a few bucks during the week if you start bringing your lunch, even if it's just a couple or three days each week. The other bonus you get when you fix your own food and bring it to work or whatever, is the vast majority of the time it's WAY healthier than the junk you might buy at lunch any other day. I'm putting together a bunch of quick snack and lunch ideas and will get those to you soon.

Eating right is a chore ... at first! Then it gets to be fun, especially when you start seeing the results on your body. Eat right, eat often and MOVE more. I promise you changes will happen.

See y'all at the gym!