Dairy products strengthen bones and help with losing weight … how?? Calcium is good for the bones – you know that, right? Don’t forget that bone is alive. You CAN improve your bone health with strength training and taking in good calcium and vitamin D. Calcium also helps with muscle contractility – meaning the healthy the muscle (thru exercise and good nutrition) you will burn more calories even at rest. Calcium fights osteoporosis, obesity and high blood pressure.

For a great snack, put fruit, nuts or lean granola into some low-fat yogurt. You could buy that fancy and expensive “pre-made” yogurt mix or with a little imagination and less money, make your own mix. It makes a fantastic mid-morning or mid-afternoon boost.

There’s a lot of good science behind the idea of chocolate milk being an excellent “post workout snack”!! Who can argue about that?? You’re still gonna need to eat solid food after a good workout but the choc milk will start to re-charge the muscles for a faster recovery.

Other good calcium ideas … grated parmesan cheese on whole wheat pasta (try olive oil and balsamic vinegar with chopped sun-dried tomatoes and crushed basil for dressing over the pasta). Another snack idea is to keep sticks of string cheese – mozzarella – in the fridge for a quick way to foil hunger.

See ya in the gym!