YOUR time is important

Hey All,

Hope this finds you well and healthy!! It should be a really nice wet weekend … we need the rain!! Oh yeah, just in case you forgot …………… the Texas State Fair Is This FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Ok, this weeks topic is somewhat related to last weeks "living a productive life" blog. Last Sunday I was watching the CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood & one of the stories was about this guy that makes these watches that “counts down” your time left before you die, (there are actual equations that your insurance company uses to do life expectation predictions, but this is really weird). You fill in a bunch of information about your health, activity level, illnesses, family history … yada yada, & the watch sets a future time and begins to count down … ‘til you die.

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The Plank as an exercise & test

Hey Everybody,

I hope this finds you all well and healthy.

I’m sending this out early because I’m leaving Saturday morning … PLEASE MAKE A NOTE; I’M OUT ALL OF NEXT WEEK AND WILL BE BACK IN THE GYM ON MONDAY 25TH. Sorry for the caps, but I’m just making sure you see it.

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