There are several benefits to hiring a personal trainer to help you with your fitness goals. The first of which is adherence. You won’t get ANY benefit if you don’t stick to the program that you’re paying for and if you’re putting your hard earned money on the line, you’re more likely to show up and exercise. A few more benefits are: 

  1. Accountability – you’re answering to someone for your exercise time.
  2. Motivation – from your trainer and from your own results.  When you see it working, you’ll work harder. 
  3. Personalized programs – if your trainer is doing his/her job, then your workout is literally made for you. Everyone has arms and legs and uses the same basic exercises but how it relates to “your” needs and “your” body is how it becomes personal.
  4. Supervised traditional and advanced exercises – again, depending on your goals and the experience of your trainer, you’ll get traditional as well as cutting edge and advanced exercises and routines.

Now, after all that … do you know how to choose a good trainer? The truth is you won’t know they’re good until you get involved, so here are a few things to consider before you make your choice.
First thing to do is to watch the trainers in your gym. See how they interact with their clients. See how they pay attention to their clients, are they watching the TV and talking to everyone else but the client or are they attentive and focused?

Next, ask around to see if your observations are noticed by others. See who other gym members use and ask why. A good starting point is to find out if any of them specialize in something you do, like golf or tennis or running … you get the picture.

Once you pick a trainer and meet them, ask what certifications they have. You certainly want someone that has at least one nationally recognized certification, if you’re unsure how it ranks, look it up on the internet or again ask someone you trust. Now, just because a trainer has a national certification doesn’t mean you’re going to get the results you want or even get the service that was promised to you in your interview with him/her, but it gives you a baseline of expertise that you should expect from him/her. Trust your gut feeling. You’re about to spend your hard earned money and time with a stranger that’s going to make you work on your health, if you don’t feel comfortable with this person, say thanks and move onto someone else. 

Ask how much they charge and what sort of session packages they offer. Can you workout with a friend and get a deal as well? Please don’t get caught up in the myth that the more you pay, the better the trainer will be. It’s my personal opinion that unless you make over half of your income from the fitness that a trainer provides, no trainer is worth a hundred or more dollars per session. If you just want to spend that kind of money then go for it, but it does not guarantee results. There will be plenty of trainers out there trying to convince you that they are worth a hundred dollars or more per session … do your homework and use your head.  

Don’t be afraid to ask if the trainer has liability insurance coverage. This protects him/her, the gym and you so it’s important to know. Also see if he/she has any first-aid or CPR training. The vast majority of certifications require the trainer to have CPR training at the very least. Additional first-aid training is not required but is a definite plus if they do.
Once you make up your mind on a trainer and you’ve met and set a time and day to workout and have agreed on the charges, then have a blast and get fit! A good trainer is truly invaluable when it comes to your health and fitness.